Where can I fly above 400ft

Before asking, did you try a search first? Several thousand questions have been answered and yours is possibly one of them :blush: Press :mag: at the upper right to try a search first. If you couldn’t find what you were looking for then please delete this text and post your question.

I did. Thank you.

Call me stupid, but can I fly above 400ft over the sea? Near a beach in the UK?
Call me stupid anyway :grin:


No :blush:

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No, thank you for searching first, it’s a rare thing these days :slight_smile:

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That said, I’d be interested to know if it’s possible to request permission for above 400ft inside a FRZ :thinking:

@stevesb have you ever ask this when speaking to ATC at Blackpool? :thinking:

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Do you think it is safer in their opinion, you know, inside a FRZ?

I’d say yes because they will have to clear the air space for you to do it. But I’d have a guess that you would need a good reason for them to grant you permission. Simply because you want to surf the clouds wouldn’t class as a good enough reason for them to clear the air space lol

Within 15 metres of a structure more than 400ft tall with the permission of the owner


Why not? Seems like a good reason to me? I agree its subjective. But most things are?

One way to find out call Coventry Airports ATC and ask the question :man_shrugging:t2:

Tell them it’s a weather ballon :grin:

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I’m on it Dean. I do have an acquaintance at the east midlands airport too, but lost touch.

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Worst they can say is no … if they say yes let us know, as we’ll be making a beeline for them :slight_smile: :grin:

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Other than this doesn’t it normally require an OSC?

As far as I am aware, regardless of whether you are in a FRZ , CTR, etc it is the CAA that has to authorise a flight above 400ft and issue an PDRA02 authorisation, safety case.
I may be wrong but that is my understanding.


Mine too.

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Good point, I’d forgotten about that … CAP2013 says

"The permission requirements for operation above 400ft (120m) within an FRZ have also been changed. UAS Operators intending to operate above 400ft within an FRZ must now obtain an operational authorisation from the CAA. The air traffic control unit, flight information service unit or aerodrome operator may issue a permission for access to the FRZ, but may not issue authorisation for a UAS to operate above 400ft without a CAA operational
authorisation. "


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That’s absolutely right.

I believe you need an OSC to cover how it will be done, and of course an Operational Authorisation. The OSC will mandate a full NOTAM and no doubt other precautions …

Here’s a recent example:

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Wouldn’t you need a pretty big drone to keep VLOS over 400ft?
I know my Mini 2 would be long out of VLOS.

That’s been discussed many times in other threads @KevLincoln

If everyone could keep this thread on the subject of flying above 400 feet please.

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I was kinda looking for 1km plus really. I thought that I could do it over the sea, but I guess I would have to be in international waters?

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