Where does it say that VLOS has max limit of 500m on the CAA website?


Only UK aircraft conform to it. The USA don’t bother with it


On my PfCO course (at CDT in Devon) we were tasked to fly a Mavic Pro to a 500m horizontal distance limit. A spotter was next to me with a pair of DJI goggles linked to the Mavic’s camera. At 500m there was no way I could see the drone and had to rely on either the spotter or the ‘radar display’ on the ipad to guide the thing back to being visible! Quite an interesting feeling and glad it wasn’t my drone especially as there were pylons in the vicinity! We were flying across a valley with farm buildings in the lowest part of the valley and at a distance of over 500m. The cars, buildings etc were all highly discernible and as the drone passed over them it become indiscernible!


Did you meet Rich “in all fairness” the instructor :wink: I enjoyed CDT!


That’s where I took my PfCO CDT


And yes Rich was the trainer with his raised voice when something needed to be remembered for the test…
Damn I got one question wrong after all that …


You mean, ‘it is what it is’ Rich from Spektrum Drones?? Yes, the man himself who took us on the night flying module, which was v. interesting!!


Yeh I did the night flight to in the lower field
I think they need an oxygen mask for the trek up the hill to the upper field… did me in that climb