Where have all the frames gone?

I’ve been having a rummage in my bits box and put aside some stuff, including:

Four Jeti HiCopter 40 Amp Opto ESC’s
Four T-Motor 2208 1100kv motors.
DJI Naza with GPS and PMU
Two Pixhawk’s (though the 3.3Volt regulator for the PX4IO side has failed in one of them) and associated telemetry radios.

All that’s needed is a frame, and therein lies the problem. A few years back there were a plethora of 450/500 size frames of different designs, but searching around the last few days I’ve only really seen the DJI 450 clones and a couple S500’s (same as the DJI 450 but with slightly upswept arms). My eyes have been drawn to the IRC Xugong Pro folding frame as this was designed with the Naza FC in mind. However I would like a more imposing frame for the Pixhawk as I intend to add extra sensors. I did browse the Tarot Iron Man range but I think these are more suited to lower KV motors and larger props.

So if anyone has any suggestions with possible sources I would be very grateful.



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Not a lot of frames in that class left really. Most people moved to 5”

Might be worth having a look at 3dxr they do more industrially focused stuff.

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I’ve got a spare frame. I will dig it out and see what’s there.
Yours for postage.


@Wyntrblue. I looked at 3DXR earlier as they are quite Pixhawish centric but they only appear to sell two bare frames, the cheap S500 and the incredibly expensive industrial thing. My main aversion to the S500 frame is that I want the flight controller and all the electronics to be enclosed and unfortunately there just isn’t enough space between the two plates.

@stevesb: Thank you for your generosity, Steve, but please don’t put any priority for this on my account. I’ve got quite a few other life threatening projects on the go to keep me busy to at least the end of the year.

I have seen that Peter, Droneshop.biz, is active on YouTube again and in his store he has a F450 Spider frame, so I may end up with this if nowt else takes my fancy.

Thanks Both


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Flying tech seem to carry some larger frames


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Thanks for the link, James.

There is a frame that has caught my eye on there which I might give a try as I’ve found another four motors/ESC’s and a flight controller.

I’m currently installing the Pixhawk into a SK450 Dead Cat frame. I was using a BigFlyShark flight controller, similar to the Naza but better GPS, but like the Naza it has tuning problems when used in an asymmetrical frame. The Pixhawk has a config for a dead cat V tail style frame so hopefully it will be a bit more successful.

In the meantime I’ll keep rummaging and see what other bits appear. I have a habit that when I take my pain medication I bash my PayPal privileges to death and then forget what I actually ordered. :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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