Where to fly drone in preston

Where are the best places to fly drones in or around Preston. Just bought a mavic air 2. Been to Lytham beach once but was looking for some more ideas

Just be careful Lytham is in the NFZ for Blackpool and Warton. Blackpool isn’t on the DJI app so it won’t stop you flying, but it would still be illegal depending where on the beach you are.

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I have the same problem when I visit my parents, who live in Southport.
They live in the red runway extension you can see at the bottom of the map.
“Hey Dad! Here’s my new drone! Oh. We can’t fly it here.”

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I would love to fly a circular of the Green and around the church at Wrea Green, but this is a no fly zone. I thought this was right on the edge of the nfz but obviously I was wrong. Shame it would have made a lovely video…

@Meljo you “may” be able to. The airspace is Warton. They are quite good there, they don’t operate at the weekend 9 times out of 10. Give their air traffic a call during the week explain what you want to do. They may give permission. Do your flight at the weekend. If you get permission you can unlock the area on the dji website. ( Google unlock dji NFZ,) before your flight let the police know (may take a while to answer) that you have permission and where and how long you will be. Just a courtesy so if they get a call they can say we know.
Hope that helps.

Thanks for the info @stevesb, I will give that to try (whether being predictable). Mel…