Where to fly in Coventry?


Hi All
Now that we have an increased radius around airports i’m Finding it even harder to find anywhere local to Coventry. I was going out towards Brandon and had a great place but it’s now in the restricted area… Has anyone got any good local to Coventry places…

Many Thanks.


What sort of flying do you do? FPV or scenery?


Scenery really… I like getting that unusual picture from the air.


Difficult here. Have you tried Cannock chase? About an hour away. Some nice quiet spots. I’m sure there is a spot in Long Itchington too, but I need to check it out. Or there’s a greenway towards cubbington from Southam. Sowe Common is ok. Nice view of the canal. And the M6!


Right ok mate I might take a run out over the weekend and have a look. :+1::+1::+1:


And I’ll be out at hawksbury golf course on sat and prob sunday too. 10.30ish and 3ish. Just practising.


Ok i might try and get over… :+1::+1:


Just had a thought. The moat house in Henley Green. There was once a castle. In the grounds, there is evidence of a moat. Be good to take an aerial shot. I can’t do it as my drone doesn’t have a remote movable camera. Though I may point it down at take it up. Sorry, rambling.


Welcome to Grey Arrows @Rich71 :slight_smile:

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