Where to get Screws?

Not to be confused with where to get screwed ! :grin:

Any recommended online shop to source our precious little friend from?
( for those times when you’ve lost/run-out-of all your spares and the usual FPV shops don’t have any in stock…)


Not for FPV, but that’s where I’ve bought rather specific types of small bolts with weird and wonderful heads.

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I always used to go here for any bolts I needed, very good stock and knowledgeable staff.

CBH Fasteners Ltd.
Unit 16, Bartleet Road, Washford Industrial Estate
Redditch, Worcs. B98 0DG

I use Amazon as I can’t wait and want next day delivery. They do lots of boxes with different bits in. I find that I need a half dozen or so but generally buy the box of 200-300 assorted screws/nuts etc. as it works out quite cheap. Do a search for something like hexhead m3 screw (or whatever size you want) and you’ll generally have plenty of options.

Tks for the comments.
Just to clarify, I’m thinking FPV for the question.

I’ve done some searches on amazon, and have some stuff come back, but like @Droningtony mentioned, its usually in bulk, which is beyond what I would need, and I don’t have much space to store things…

Searching on the web does bring back some online stores, but I don’t know if they are reliable, and the choice of materials have been limited, hence the question for recommended places (with FPV in mind).

HobbyRC (https://www.hobbyrc.co.uk) and Unmanned Tech (https://www.unmannedtechshop.co.uk/) have come through for me in the past, but they do have a tendency for the items to be out of stock. You’ll also need to buy other stuff to make the cost of postage seem better (not always a bad thing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Amazon has loads. I’ve actually had to order a load of the nice hex ones from aliexpress.

What type are you after?

At the moment some M2s of different small lengths…

I think I got a selection box from amazon for those. Loads of different ones to choose from.

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Dealt with them for years…good supplier…Fast…

All types and sizes…

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Nice one… tks for that. Will check them out

A good old-fashioned hardware store. :wink:

(5:20 - 6:52)

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I have used them for a long time, very reliable and good selection.

Mine always come from here, highly recommended :smile:

Tks… Between yours and the one AIRAC posted, should cover most if not all fixings needs for FPV…

I go to @Steviegeek garage.

Not all of us have that luxury…

Is that the same garage where video killed the radio star, Karl @notveryprettyboy ? :thinking:

If anybody is genuinely stuck for something, just ask :grinning:


Randomly i bought a bunch of M2, M2.5 and M3 bolts and nyloc nuts today. :slight_smile:

On Ebay, user/company Kayfast1 is my go to for nuts and bolts. But bizarrely, they had M2 bolts, but no M2 Nyloc nuts. So i had to go somewhere else to find the nuts. Still, ordered without issue.

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