Where to practice in Exeter/Devon?

Hello all,
I’m a newbie with a Phantom 4. Have A2CofC buy very limited flight time and need to practice.
There seem to be very limited options near me in Exeter.
If anyone knows of any good areas for practicing, or any local flyers who fancy meeting up please get in touch!

Hi Cain, welcome from the Black Country.
You can use nearly all of the estuary down to Exmouth, it’s nearly all Crown Estate land, so you can use anything between high and low tide marks (wear your wellies)!

Lots of opportunities

Check out our own DroneScene, oh and welcome to GADC

Hiya, thanks for replying.
That’s great, thanks. I’m a little wary of flying over water for a very early flight, but I might not have many other options!
I’ll get the wellies out…:grimacing: