Where to start looking?


I live inside two FRZs and a whole heap of Mil restricted airspace surrounds me. Having spent a few unsuccessful days trying to find somewhere to fly, I am seeking advice. Basically my map study and driving around have not yielded any results (yet) and frustration is setting in…

What is the best approach people have found to finding a quite and remote spot to fly legally? Am I missing a trick?

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Hi. I use NATS and Google maps, remembering that the yellow zones are warnings not exclusions; click on it to see why the warning is in place and most times it just advises you to exercise caution. You’re in Salisbury right? To your South West is lots of open airspace around Cranborne Chase for example. You’ll do well to find an area completely devoid of people/structures so you may need to get comfortable with that. Remember, not long after take off you’re just a guy in a field staring at his phone to most passers by. Maybe try finding a footpath or byway that you can wander along for a hundred metres or so from a lay-by. OS apps/maps are pretty good for this.

You will find somewhere, there are more places than you think especially when you’re starting out and ideally you’d like nobody within 2 miles of you!

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Not sure if its your thing, but jump on your bike and head out into the countryside which seems close (just checked you on members map) and see if there is anything of interest.

You don’t have to go high to find something worth looking at



I live by Heathrow, and Prisons and other small airports, so I know your pain…

Worth checking for BMFA flying clubs in your area too, and joining them… admittedly it may get boring flying at the club site… but what you do get is KNOWLEDGE about where to go/not to go

For me to enjoy lack of disturbance I have to jump in my car and get off the beaten track… and find a park etc. and then get off the paths where pesky humans are :slight_smile:

It’s a pain, when you see how easy it seems for many people who live right inside open spaces

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