Which do you prefer?


Hi, I’ve put the same piece of video through 2 different processes and I’d love to know your views on which looks better. I know that’s subjective but hey ho.

First up, this one is completely unedited and lifted straight from the Mavic Air

Next, is the exact same footage but with a LUT added in Davinci resolve…

  • Straight from the drone
  • With the LUT

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I voted ‘Straight from the drone’.

The second video is too colourful. Autumn simply isn’t that colourful :blush:

If was watching that on a tv, I’d want to turn the contrast down (if that makes sense).

You’re right though, it is indeed very subjective :slight_smile:


I voted the LUT version.

I quite like the contrast. If anything maybe its a little oversaturated but my preference from the 2.


With the lut for me what setting did you film with Normal or Dlog?


All in normal. My laptop isn’t blessed with ram so I generally just leave footage as it is. When I tried d-cinelike I then have to colour it too which really slows the process even more.

I do think I’ll knock the saturation down a touch though


first one keeps showing an error playing on computer
second one plays both play on phone


I voted for straight from cam, there didn’t appear to me to be enough of a difference to be worth it.


LUT for me, more colourful, sometimes I like BLING :grinning:


You’ve all voted to give me pain in the ass editing then!


Well, you did ask :smirk:


When they’re small embedded videos the darks in the LUT one seem to blend together and the trees seem to lose some definition.

However, once they were playing full screen I much preferred the one with the LUT.

Of course, I’m half blind so I wouldn’t listen to me on this one :wink: