Which drones shoot in RAW and have a built in screen?

I’ve been taking landscape photographs for many years on film and digital but I am wanting a different viewpoint and I thought what better viewpoint than a drone. :smile:

Could anyone recommend drones that you think might be useful for my requirements ? The camera would obviously be the No1 thing on the list and a dedicated screen on the controller. If possible I’d like RAW file capability that I can use in photoshop .

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If the camera is the #1 item, then use what you already have … get a DJI M600 with a Ronin mx gimble to hold what you already have.


Realistically the Mini 3 pro will give you a decent picture with very few restrictions

Thanks or the reply , the M600 is way over my budget , I want a car for that .:grinning: but I’ll have a closer look at the Mini 3 Pro .

Mini2 or Mini3 Pro. Anything over 250g is too much of a legislative headache.

Disagree, sorry. If you are flying in open land or prepared to do a little work and get A2CofC or fly under Article 16 then there are some very capable drones available. Do a little work and combine a tripod and tablet holder and you can have a nice set up for a very small outlay.

Have a play here
to see the differences

I’m not saying Mini 2/3 isn’t a good option I love my 2 but the AIR2S is a better drone IMO.

I would have to suggest DJI Mini 3 Pro because of the sheer transportability. Take it anywhere, anytime with very low weight, few restrictions (relatively), very decent flight time, RAW, screen on controller, etc.

Get a third-party prop guard and it really is “pocket transportable”.


If RAW image quality is your priority then ignore the Mini 2. it’s image quality is okay but not great. I have a Mavic 2 Pro, a Mini 2 and a Mini 3 Pro and the Mavic 2 Pro still beats both for image quality. The Mini 3 Pro comes very close in quality to the Mavic 2 Pro, but M2P has the bonus of variable aperture. As was said, get yourself an A2 C of C and get our there :+1:

Thanks, good info and plenty to look at .

Thanks for the info, I had a look at the CAA legislation in the link you included . I need to study it a bit more but I will be out in the wild countryside with a drone and nowhere near crowds or buildings. I see there are restrictions if I go above 250g but maybe some won’t apply if Im on my own and in isolated areas …I have more reading to do to get it into my head though.

I love my little Mini 2 it is incredible for the money but photos are its weakpoint (well, for the money its not really weak). Mini 3 i have no experience of but looks really capable and photos are stunning but the Air2S is such a great drone, if slightly restricted in certain scenarios.

Read and research, you won’t go far wrong with Mini or Air2S.

Where are you? Could you meet up with somebody locally?

Edit…Cumbria, must be somebody who can help.

You won’t go wrong with the mini 3 pro you will capture some great images I sold my Air 2 to buy the mini 3 pro no regrets

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I have recently just purchased a DJI Mini 3 Pro as I wanted something portable and small to carry with me when we go walking.

Previously I have been using the DJI Phantom 4 Advanced + RC with the built in 1000nit display(DJI recently replaced it with a brand-new one), the drone, video and picture quality you can not fault with the 1 inch mechanical sensor.
But if I carry my regular small rucksack with water and snacks for a long walk and then I have the P4 in its protective rucksack, I have my hands full. And of course it’s fine if I take the car and if I’m not walking miles & miles.

So I held onto the P4 Advanced for the past few weeks, just incase the Mini wasn’t up to it, the mini’s video quality is great and the pictures also, but I still loved the extra control I had with the aperture with the P4 as you can imagine.

If I had my way I would keep both, but she who must be obeyed, pretty much said one or the other…so sadly it has to go…soon!

I’ll try and attach some low quality snaps from the P4 and you get the options for RAW + jpeg.

And of course walking around with the Mini 3 yesterday, the video quality is certainly good enough for me:

And a few weeks earlier with default settings at the beach