Which Power Supply?

Hi guys, new to the forum but glad I found it! A wealth of knowledge and very experienced UAV people here which I hope to learn from and give back where I can =)

I was hoping someone could advise on which PSU to buy, I have read a lot of different ways with people using redundant server power supplies (or similar) but this is mainly in the US. In my noob like state I bought a Turnigy Reaktor balance charger thinking if be able to charge my batteries from this alone, should have done more research! :see_no_evil:

Hoping someone can recommend a good PSU to go with this Turnigy product. All help very much appreciated.



Hi @JamButty and welcome to Grey Arrows!

I’d usually ping a few people in to a thread that might be able to help, but I can’t think of anyone who has a Turnigy :thinking:

Possibly @Njoro or @Returntohome… ?

Sit tight James, I’m sure someone can help :+1:

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Hi James,

What reaktor model do you have? (250w, 300w?)

What batteries are you wanting to charge? 3s, 4s capacity etc?

If your not going to be charging 6S packs you will be able to use a smaller PSU.

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Sorry I’m not familiar with the reaktor so can’t help.

Hi Callum,

Ah yes, that might help if I told you!

It’s a 250w 10a Turnigy and I’ll be charging 6s lipos, but just the 1 at the mo with a view to acquiring more in the bear future, which I’ve already purchased a parallel charging board, although must admit have read good and bad points about those…

I can’t find any info on the correct PSU for the life of me! Plus one UK company told me to use a normal plug socket with a USB going straight into the balance charger…this really didn’t sound right to me…

Any help much appreciated.

Best regards,

Thanks for the warm welcome @PingSpike.

Regrettably my first Q. has to be a noob one but you don’t know what you don’t know :relaxed:

Looking forward to mingling with you guys and reading through all the great content and discussions here.

Thanks again,

Welcome mr Butty
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I am indeed sir,

Derbyshire to be exact, well, Derby to be even more exact!

First delve into a forum such as this and I’m wondering why it’s taken me so long to do so…:thinking:

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24 v 16 :wink:

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@OzoneVibe when you put 24 v 16 I thought you were referring to a 24v 16amp PSU I am querying in this thread…

Goddammit :sweat_smile:


Claiming them


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Well. There are three types of people in this world.
Those that can count and those who can’t.
Obviously I’m one of them.

Let me look into it.

I’ve got a couple of turnigy chargers but not the Reaktor.

They are all pretty similar though and you just need to choose a PSU that exceeds the charger rating +10% for losses. That’s only if you intend to use its full potential which I’m guessing you probably will at some point.

I’ll take a look on my night shift tonight and see what I can find for you.

Ok you have 2 options with your charger.

You can power it through the DC Jack or the cables with banana connectors.

The DC Jack is limited to 7A and the cables 10A.

So in order to use charger to it’s full potential you need a minimum of 13.5v 11A+ PSU.

You can use any voltage between 10 & 18VDC but it will only reach 200w output when you have minimum of 13.5v.

Don’t get confused with input voltage and nominal voltage of your lipos. The charger has a buck/boost converter and will regulate the voltage to whatever programme it’s set on.

Turnigy make this Reaktor power supply

It’s more than powerfull enough for your charger and plugs straight in.

It’s an American plug but looks like it uses a standard kettle lead which I’m sure you have lying around.

Only thing is it’s not in the UK but I’ve used hobby king a few times and they own Turnigy. No issues and usually comes in a decent time.

If you need one quicker you’d be looking at a 200w laptop power supply but be limited to 7A through DC Jack.

Other than that some form of industrial PSU between 13.5 and 18V and around 12 Amps+. That’s probably going to be the more expensive option though.

As far as using computer PSU, it’s not ideal as only 12V so the charger will not reach the 200w it’s capable of.

Let me know what you think. If you want something quicker I’ll dig some more and see what I can find.

You could also use something like this variable electroplating power supply.


Or even cheaper this 15V 2OA power supply


The last one I’d only use at a push. It’s really designed to be used inside an enclosure and mains terminals are accessible which is bad if you have kids or pets around.

Would be fine on a work bench or something but would have to wire up your own mains cable and fit female 4mm banana plugs on output side.


More info than I could ever hope for thank you!

I think I’ll start with the simple ‘plug&play’ Turnigy from Hobbyking for now and maybe research alternative PSU’s in the future if required. Pretty sure I got my balance charger through them and no problems whatsoever with shipping like you say.

Again, fantastic reply mate thanks for this, massive help.



@callum having some trouble ordering that Turnigy from Hobbyking, something about not being able to ship to the UK from the Hong Kong warehouse, weird. Just an FYI for anyone else perhaps looking to purchase it.

Well, so much for simple plug&play, guess I’ll have a look into the other options! :yum:

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Ah, sussed it.

Not sure if its common knowledge but for anyone having an issue ordering from Hobbyking it was because I was trying to use PayPal, if you use a credit card it works.

Anyway, look forward to receiving and getting flying!

Cheers Callum :beers:


Hope you get it soon James.

What are you going to be flying? Got a photo?