White Balance Mavic 2 pro

Is there a way to fix the white balance on the Mavic 2 Pro, my images have a permanent blue

Can you share an example picture so we can see the issue?

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What do you have the white balance set to?

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Can you upload a photo that hasn’t been edited?

100 but it seems to make no differance wat i set it to

That’s the ISO. What do you have the White Balance set to?

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White balance isn’t a number setting, it’s things like Auto, Sunny, Cloudy, etc?

Do you mean white balance? :thinking:

as shot

There is a White Balance setting … what is it set to?

I have to go out would love to continue this later


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Hi Alan,

‘As shot’ sounds like the white balance setting in Lightroom/Photoshop (or whatever you’re using to process your photos). But you also have a setting for it in the Mavic.

You’ll find it in the camera settings:

A permanent blue tinge would suggest that you’re on ‘tungsten’. That’s good for indoor lighting, but in natural light it leaves everything looking blue.

If you’re unsure about white balance, consider setting this to ‘auto’ for now and let the camera adjust itself to the conditions.

It’s as complicated a subject as you want to make it… but for the basics, the first four sections of this article explain it pretty well (I think).

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Thanks guys for jogging my memory (it needs a lot of jogging these days) I had somehow inadvertently changed the white balance settings to incandescent.

But, usually, an easy fix in most editing apps if shot in RAW.

I did try but found it impossible perhaps (and I hate to admit this in public) I had left ND 1000 filter on the lens​:see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

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I find that when I admit my mistakes I tend to remember for next time :smiley:

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