Whiteford Lighthouse

Tried to add to map as a location but failed miserably.
Anyway new to this so here is my first really video from my drone flying. I have just got a new Mavic Air 2 drone and love it. Took it to Whiteford Lighthouse on the weekend. Fantastic place. The land up to the beach is National Trust so no flying allowed and you need to walk through it to get to the lighthouse. (Park at Can Ivy car park) then once you are past the beach an onto the shore line when the tide is out you can fly your drone. It is worth all the effort.


Looks like I didn’t fail to add to map although I though I had. Such a newbie LOL

Great video!

Looks like big fish at 1:01 swimming against the current. :thinking:

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Lovely video. Did you hand-fly circling the lighthouse or was it the point-of-interest intelligent flight mode? Very smooth if you did it by hand!

Bet those birds gave you a start! :wink:

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@AndyArdent Great video. Very brave too, it looks quite wet below! Well done.


Thread tidied. Back on topic. :+1:

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Great video Andy

Cool vid. Gulls got a bit close.:grinning:

Thanks, yep they did come very close frighten the living daylights out of me lol hence a shortish video and I kept away from the lighthouse as there were large birds perched on it.

Thanks, brave or stupid not sure lol. Hence a shortish video lol

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Thanks Joe, POI for the circling much too much of a newbie to try to fly that by hand. The birds did give me something beginning with s but it wasn’t a start LOL

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