Who needs Cree when you can have RGB 👍

I finally got round to adding some light to the Cygnet…

32 in fact (it’s a bit bright)

WARNING: This video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised

Warning #2 - Cheesy video follows


There’s pretty! What are they, how much and where do you get them? :slight_smile:

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1M WS2812B RGB led strip from Amazon (144 LED per M)
£14.99 (and lots of cutting and soldering :+1:) The lights alone won’t do anything - they need to be connected to a controller, the Flight controller board does all the heavy lifting in my case.

It’s hard to look at in person when it’s flashing :sunglasses:

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So that’s around fifty quid to cover my Tarot X8. Hmmm …

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What flight controller do you have? - Betaflight has a hard limit of 32 controlled RGB LED’s

You could use one of these to go beyond that…

They don’t have the versatility of Betaflight LED control though - but can be powered direct from the Battery :+1:

The more lights you add - you’ll obviously need to check your 5v BEC can supply enough current unless you’re using a stand-alone controller and using Vbatt :slight_smile:
(Apologies if I’m teaching you to suck eggs :wink: )

I think the LED’s I’m using draw 50mA when displaying solid white and I think my 5v output is 2A so…

32 LED’s x 50mA = 1.6A MAX
R9mm = 100mA
VTX = Uses VBatt :slight_smile:

So I should be fine - I’m yet to try it in the air :crossed_fingers:

Here’s some decent info from the Bard :+1:



Oops, maybe I got a little to close to Daves’ Cygnet… :rofl:

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F@ck me! That disco flashing was mental. And now your lipo is flat lol. Nice. Love it!


Hoping it doesn’t affect it too much, (I can turn them off and on at will :wink: )
I’m charging everything up now - hopefully going to test this a bit later :+1:
Worried it may attract a bit of attention :man_facepalming: :rofl:

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Well I managed to get out in between rain and wind - the Led’s didn’t affect the battery life in any noticeable way :+1:

I was struggling a bit with numb fingers - it was 1°C


Very impressive Dave, only problem is the local wildlife are now rubbing their eyes, wondering whatthefuckwasthat… :grinning:


Aye - I did the last flight LOS after the MM had landed - it was too dark to see via FPV - I did all the colour testing whilst doing punch-outs - it looked like a UFO / mad yo-yo :rofl:

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