Why are the DJI fpv remotes on back order

Having just purchased the dji avata, why are all fpv remotes 2nd generation all on back orders?

Check eBay, there were quite a few

There probably was can’t find anything anywhere, just curious why there sold out everywhere

You can check ebay like Howard said, be prepared to pay £200 quid upwards.
I’ve had a couple on watch this week, both went for that price.
I missed one for a ton the other week(before the shortage), I thought I’m not paying that when I can get a brand spanker for 139.
Well,the shortage comes along and the fleabay prices go up :confused:. I saw one go the other week for 270!
Some people need to get a grip :joy:

Theres also a theory about Dji not wanting people to fly the Avata manually at the mo, or at least as few as possible, until they get this yaw thingy/fault sorted, which they haven’t even acknowledged. So they haven’t supplied stock.

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Ah now that explains part of the reason why, but how come everyone else has to suffer too. Those not using the avata

I may well list mine if that’s the case. I don’t really use it

Mate, if you don’t use it I’d sell now. A few weeks before the Avata came out I was told they went for 60 quid.
I’ve actually seen them on a foreign site for 300 retail :rofl::rofl:.
I figure once Dji starts shipping them again, for users and retail sites, at the normal 139,then the ebay price is going to plummet.
Like I say, the last 2 watched ones went for 200.

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Yeah I’m going to wait for them to be restocked not going to fork out 2 or 3 times their retail price

I totally mis read this. Thought you meant the motion controller :man_facepalming:

I use the controller often otherwise I’d have cashed in too

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DronesDirect show deliveries from 21st October onwards:


I would be hesitant to trust that date from Drones Direct. You may find ya pay your peanuts, then ‘Oh ever so sorry, the date for restock has been put back a little till Jan 2050’. :rofl:.
@Howard78, sorry for getting your hopes up mate​:persevere:. There’s a decent charity shop I know that’ll take your motion cont if need to get shut​:thinking:. Only messing, I think they go for around 60 ish on fleabay. :grin:


Ive had a bad experience with drones direct years ago. Wouldn’t recommend them or anything direct.com


Just a little update on some cont. 2 prices on fleabay…it’s getting silly🤪. Funny thing is, this one seller has flogged four of these puppies for over 200 quid, that I know of🤔. I’m in the wrong game…

Uploading: Screenshot_20221020-195946_eBay.jpg…

You still not tempted @Howard78
Flog your cont. 2, use the motion controller for a while (it’s going to be cracking on into winter anyway), then buy another controller when there’s more brand new stock available. Job done and you’ve made a ton​:+1::grin:.

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If it was a week ago I’d have probably done it as the fpv has had a recent trip back to Holland.
But the repaired / replacement arrived back tomorrow so will be back in the air as soon as I get a gap in the weather

@Howard78 fair enough mate👍.
The first post was supposed to show 2 images, the one that didn’t upload was the one for 250 quid, like I said, these are getting sold by the same seller, he’s making a mint.
Nice place Holland, I spent 2 yrs over there on site in 2010, a little place called Zweindrecht (may have spelled that wrong :thinking:). Really nice country​:+1:.

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That’s ridiculous what people will pay

Looks like he’s having a good old time there.

I bet DJI get loads of perfectly good controllers returned with broken/ crashed /faulty drones.

The value of these parts to DJI is very small too.

Lots of people making lots of money and costing us lots

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Funny thing is, once stock from Dji gets sorted out, and it can’t be that long(?), the price will crash on second hand units. It’s also near winter, so less flying time weather/daylight hours wise, I’m not that eager to own one, I’ll play with the mot controller till about the end of March👍.
Your right, it’s bloody ridiculous.

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Yeh, it’s always the little man who cops it :rage:.
But from the other side of it, I think if I had a few of the controllers, I’d knock em out at that price probably, I think it’s a case of if yer snooze yer loose