Why is Clapham in a restricted zone

So I’ve seen in the early hours of this morning that Clapham has gone from a restricted zone to enhanced warning zone do we know why there’s been a change? Apparently it’s set to stay like this for the next six months before the cycle repeats itself hmmm :thinking:

Clapham, London or Clapham, North Yorkshire on the slopes of Ingleborough? I understand the first as a restricted zone. Not sure why the latter would be, short of some overly zealous “landowner”.

An “Enhanced Warning Zone” is some DJI nonsense and has no meaning in the real world, and no meaning to any other drone manufacturer.

Who knows why DJI do anything :confused: :person_shrugging:t2:

Assuming you mean Clapham in London @alexmciver the only changes in airspace regs that I can see is a bunch of TFRs in place for the New Year’s fireworks.

But you knew to check Drone Scene for the answer anyway, right? :blush:


As a quick tip for a new member, if you click on a username you will get a pop-up with a summary of their account. This answers your question, I suspect (although he could be on holiday, I suppose). :slight_smile:

Welcome to GADC, by the way.

Most times that :point_up_2:t2: but some do have their profile hidden, or I’ve noticed sometimes Not that I’m nosey, some information can be more or less than others, maybe that’s because what they’ve chosen to share.

Don’t think your doing something wrong when you can’t see this ( as I did ) when information is not always available.

Exactly this. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I do. Do you still need help tidying up the map?