Why's this in red - National Trust layer colours

be nice to flyI was just looking around Drone Scene after seeing something on TV and thought it might be nice to fly.
The attached is where i was looking and wondered why certain NT was showing at red.
Any ideas?

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I believe the areas in red are limited access sites whilst the blue areas are open access sites ie some are closed at certain times whilst the others are open 24/7.

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Have also moved your post to Drone Scene for everything Drone Scene related :+1:

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@Speedbird have a look at the About page, it explains all the layers in great detail: https://dronescene.co.uk/about

@PingSpike thanks Rich but all it says is
DJI GEO Zone types:

  • Restricted Zones
    • In these zones, which appear in red, DJI users will be prompted with a warning and flight is prevented.

What is so special about this site considering it is alongside regular NT property?

Sorry Mike, you’ve confused me now :crazy_face:

Your map link that you shared was for a National Trust layer, but you’ve just quoted some text from the DJI GEO layer? :thinking:

Have a look here: https://dronescene.co.uk/about#NationalTrust

In the link above from Drone Scene I have activated both NT sites and DJI NFZ. My assumption was that when you sent me to the DS/about it was a DJI thing that turned the section red.
I’m still not aware why it’s red compared to the sites close

:point_up_2:t2: this is your answer. the Link you posted has the DJI layer enabled but their are no DJI geo zones in the area.

here is the same link but with DJI geo zones layer turned off


I realised after checking out the ‘about’ section that it had nowt to do with DJI.
It was my understanding that the NT think all their sites are ‘out of bounds’ for drones, so why is this particular site red?

because its a limited access area probably a pay to enter kinda deal.

its not a no fly zone its just the colour DS uses to display the NT zones that are limited access.

the blue NT zones are open access meaning they are accessible 24/7.

@PingSpike can you change the colour of the Limited access areas to be green? maybe that would stop any future confusion? or are the layer colours set by the 3rd party host of the data set you pull the layers from?

Got it now thank you. The red colour made it seem more important that it actually is.

I could, but… green usually means go? :thinking:

Maybe we should go red/green for limited/open? Instead of red/blue?

I was just thinking because red is also FRZ and having them red kinda makes it look like its a FRZ.

I just plucked green out of the air lol could be any colour really.

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And red also means stop :slight_smile:

I like the idea of NT Limited = Red and NT Open = Green though @DeanoG60

I’ll add it to the next version of Drone Scene :smiley:

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Pissing off the NT? but its so much fun! :rofl:

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There seems to be a farm airstrip in the area nearby. “Field House” farm strip.