Willington Cooling towers 2021

Hers some of the cooling towers taken using my M2P in 2021


Nice use of what I assume was sunset.

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Nice photo’s mate :+1:t3:

Did you manage to get inside or did you fly from the road side…??

I flew from the corner of the field, some of the fence line was opened but I didn’t need to gain access, just enough to be out of sight from the roadside


Sheep are currently in that field (as of Thursday just gone) so just be aware there’s sometimes livestock in it.


It’s upto date information that’s keeps things easy for those planning to visit area’s :+1:

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Wow surprised you didnt get shot by the farmer as he’s very keen to keep people out of the compound let alone his field :+1:t3:

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Obviously camo jacket works a treat😉