Wimpole Hall Folly

This is the Folly which was built by the Lord of the Manor (rumored to be his love nest to take his mistresses). I tried to capture the sunset which was quite spectacular, but I clearly failed. Any advice chaps?


Take the exposure reading from the sky (not a average reading for the whole frame) then adjust so it looks pretty on screen.

Or replace it post in Luminar or similar


Yep - that seems to have done the trick! Can’t help feeling I would be cheating though. I will have a play with the exposure readings. Thank you.


Does the Anafi shoot in RAW? :thinking:

Apparently yes

I used to think of Photoshop as cheating (other photo software is available :wink:), but if it’s good enough for professionals it’s good enough for me.

Apparently it does. I guess this would mean I could edit it easier?

It’d give you far more range and control over the edits and allow you to fix the sky quite easily :slight_smile:

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Okay thanks - I will look into it :+1:t2: