Winchester Cathedral

Hi everyone: I like to get some aerial photos of Winchester cathedral in Hampshire … check on drone assist and airspace seems ok . But where to take -off safely ?? Looking on O/S map seems St Giles hill best spot, but not sure it public ? or it on N.T land ? As there NT City Mill nearby …

Using DJI 249g Mavic Mini pro 3

Any suggestions on this be well appreciated
Thank you. Steve .

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Trees on the town side seriously limit a view to maintain VLOS, but after take-off you can move to a lower position with a view between the trees, with only brief loss of VLOS.

I’ve used for TOAL s few years ago … but, like so many places these days, there may now be signs around it saying no drones.

One thing I did suffer from there was connection issues - probably a high density of WiFi shit in the town.

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Try up at Saint Giles Viewpoint but Winchester is a bit of a tricky city due to VLOS as mentioned.

Personally keep away from the vicinity and open space around the Cathedral itself as I’m sure it’s owned by the diocese.

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Thank you for that At this time of year I presume that some of the trees now be leafless hoping to get VLOS as am only just to get photo or two of the whole cathedral

I recall them being dense enough in January that the strobe on my drone at night was barely visible through them.

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Thanks … hoping to go few days time as the weather nice and calm… as I be high up what the best hight for RTH , as I may lower my drone for pics I mostly have 80m RTH …

Best height for RTH is to clear the trees on return.

An alternative, that I’ve never actually tried, is Oram’s Arbor, to the WNW of the cathedral. Almost an identical distance from it.

Top of the multi-storey car park might work?


Thank you . I will look at your 3 options. Before flying .
The oram’s Arbor looks good near the railway line think just silighly further …

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A dusk/night shot between now an Christmas would include the Christmas Market and its lighting, that’s (usually) in these areas …

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:+1::+1::+1:. Nice. I be able to get some old Winchester cheese :cheese: which I love. ( looks like Parma cheese )

Thanks again :pray:

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In October I took a walk up St Catherines Hill in Winchester, there’s a free (but small) car park at the bottom, it’s a nice open public space, no sign of any restrictions, it gives some good views over the city.

This might suit your purpose, but you will enjoy the walk anyway. I walked up in the rain, so the views were not brilliant that day !


I was at St Catherine Hill about this last year .
Took a oribit around the hill I was just outside the CRZ of Southampton airport and nearby aerodrome but it was bit to far for Winchester cathedral. (Per Mavic Air 2s. )

Thanks everyone for your advice
Have my photo. Take off from oram’s Arbor. Was Off VLOS for a little … take pic than came back …

Nice Pic :+1:.
With a 249g drone what stopped you taking off in the grounds?

As I mentioned previously I’m certain the grounds around the cathedral are owned by the diocese therefore you’re going to attract unwanted attention pretty quickly.

My next cathedral would be Canterbury… that mite be more of a problem to a take - off spot …! check drone assist and it unrestricted airspace there …

We stayed in Canterbury last year and I got this from the University Campus.

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I fancied trying this site at the weekend but it’s now within the extend prisons restricted zone. :weary: