Wind and water

Too windy for me to fly so I snapped a quick zero altitude pano while walking the dog between the showers. I have to put up with this view every day :slight_smile:


Great cloud formations, great shot.
Bet it’s a shit having to put up with a view like that everyday !.

The problem is that it keeps changing. It must be a drying wind at the moment because I went down there at the same time today and there was a lot less water.

Still it’s not that special. Take away the water and the clouds and the rocks and the shingle and the gorse and it’s the same as everywhere else. :cloud_with_rain::sun_behind_rain_cloud::sun_behind_small_cloud::sunny:


You have quite obviously never been to Eastleigh … or, quite advisably, kept you eyes closed whilst you have. :wink:

Strangely enough I have, driving a large, shabby green Foden with a 105mm field howitzer behind. Was given a key to unlock and remove a bollard and forgot to return it. Gun was deactivated otherwise I could have started making improvements …