Wind farm above Brynna, South Wales

Just a quick edit from early this morning.
Got to try and find some time to edit some more as well as some video.


Some more panos from sunrise today.

These four were from the P4P and the first was the Inspire.

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Are these worthy of a Green Flyer badge on Grey Arrows Drone Club UK maybe?
I do have others that would qualify for some of the others but don’t know what I need to be doing.
I have asked the question in the badges thread on how we get awarded these :thinking:

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Well - there are 578 members and only 2 have that badge, so I wouldn’t be too disappointed.

Not sure on the exact criteria for a few, for the moment.

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No problem, I just want to know what we do about getting these badges in the list, I’ve not really taken much notice of them before until I saw the badges thread.

PfCO is a tad different. People getting it isn’t generally party of a normal post, and most badges come from day-to-day posts.
I’d never gone back so far to see that thread. New to me today.

I guess there’s a few badges I could give myself now …… LOL
Not that fussed, personally.
Well - other than the 2018 Challenge Winner badge, at least. :wink:

PfCO is not one I’ll be getting any time soon :rofl:
I hadn’t thought about them before that’s all, it just got me thinking :+1:

Wow :open_mouth:

Absolutely stunning photo @MementoMori :open_mouth:

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Thank you @PingSpike