Windows desktop man seeks iPad help please

I am a Windows man really but bought an Mini i-Pad4 to use on my Mavic Mini. Getting on quite well with things but I have started to do Screen Recording on the i-Pad because it is sometimes useful after a flight to investigate height, position, etc. etc. My question is, how do I get the file that contains the screen recording onto my desktop ? I know where it is on the i-Pad and I have connected my i-Pad to the desktop pc using the charging cable but while the pc sees the i-Pad it doesn’t find any data on it.

TIA for any assistance.

it should be stored in the gallery if its like my ipad pro.


You could just upload the log file to AirData where you can not only replay the flight, but also get a load of other info.

The replay doesn’t include the camera view, but you get a large of the log data as you replay the flight … including stick positions (bottom right).


I had a similar problem,and found that if i formatted a usb stick,on the desktop to FAT EX ,all data showed ok when transferring data to the usb on the ipad then the desktop pc read all data ok…just a thought…

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Use Dropbox… put the stuff you want on Dropbox on the iPad then install Dropbox app on windows and it will automagically be on your machine…

I use Dropbox for everything!


where would we be without dropbox … love it,so handy… :rofl: :rofl:


I haven’t figured out how to quote answers in my replies so I will reply in the same order as comments received.

  1. Thank you. Yes, I’ve already found them on the i-Pad.
  2. Thank you. Sounds very useful but I would prefer to see where the drone was at the same time as the detail.
  3. Thank you. Yes, I will try that.
  4. Thank you. Forgive my ignorance but presume that I have to install Dropbox on the i-Pad first, then load it into that, and then install DB on the pc and I will find it ? I had thought that if I uploaded the screen recording to YouTube (I would make it an unlisted video) from the i-Pad then I would be able to see it from the pc.

Thanks to all of you for your time. Is there any way that I can “quote” in future replies on this site please ?

Thank you @anon34183503 (Sorry guys, just figured out the “Quote” issue )

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You can highlight a section of text, and click on the “Quote” button that appears:

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You can highlight a section of text, and click on the “Quote” button that appears:
[/quote]That’s better than what I did a moment ago. Thank you.

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You can install the drop box apps in any order you like. You could also use OneDrive or google drive

All do much of a muchness


That almost worked :slight_smile:

You need to type your reply on the next line down, below your quoted text :+1:t2:

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You do see it’s position. That last example may not have been clear enough.

Here’s another.

Are they any better than YouTube because I have found that for some reason the definition can be lost a bit on there ?

Thank you for that. As a newbie I am learning so much from here. Thanks to all of you.


Totally different use case…

Youtube is for publishing videos

Dropbox etall are file storage and transfer tools

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Give me time, I’ll get there ! :smile:

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You just did :smiley:

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Thank you. Have only ever used YT and have quite a few videos on there of one sort or another. I presume when they are in DropBox they can be downloaded for editing on my pc ? I use Cyberlink PowerDirector.

Yes, I was just showing off. :laughing: