Windy Blackpool!

Well “up ere int ta north” in Blackpool, NATS is showing “do not fly”.
Hoping for a window in the weather later today.
What a sunset last night here!,
and I was stuck in travelling from Preston at the time with no drone aboard!.
Talk about pig sick ,would have made a great photo from the beach.
Got up a 8 am this morning, walked to the beach (200 yds) great low tide going out, blowing a Ferkin gale, measured at 32 mph.
Will try later today nearer sunset!.
NATS is showing “Fly” at 5 pm, do I go for a night flight? Um, we shall see!


Well, did get the Mavic 2 Pro up on Blackpool seafront at about 3:50 pm right on the prom outside the Tower, just as the sun was setting.
Plagued by seagulls flying continuously above the drone, just went straight through the buggers vertically to 400 feet.
Done a “up n down” of the Tower, panned to get the sun setting.
Unbelievably, not one onlooker came near me!.
Will post pics, etc when I get back home tomorrow.
Wind had died down favourablely for the flight, But, got high winds at altitude warning