Wing build


Hey guys,

Not only am I building a little quad I’m working on an inav powered zohd orbit

Matek f405wing

Just finishing off the physical build before I get down to the software side of things.


I had a look at one of those many moons ago but ended up with a couple of others that are yet to have their maiden flight.
I take this is not your first FPV rig? I’m quite interested.


This is my 3rd fpv wing. I haven’t had much luck with the first 2,

Wing 1 (s800 skyshadow) smashed to bits due to not understanding about balance
Wing 2 destroyed when fpv failed and it crashed into a tree and the prop went through the lipo
This is wing 3 with full inav should be interesting


I’ve got an Eflite Opterra and a Hobby King Sidewinder, I’m interested in iNav for the sidewinder, do keep us informed on the setup.

Oh, and a Parrot Disco which is great but it’s always better to clobber one up your self…eh!


Setups all done now. Inav 2.0 I can provide a dump of my config if that would help.

Just waiting on a chance to give it a maiden :slight_smile:


Could you throw some links in of where you got the parts? :grinning:


Damn I want one lol


Stuff to buy

Things to print

The build needs you to remove the wood board from the center section then remove the flight stabiliser.

Trim the wood down so that it just covers the esc to the top of the flight controller bay.

Dry fit the flight controller and insert the carbon spar

Trim the fc bay to ensure that it sits in the bay and doesn’t touch the spar in any way.

Solder up the whole thing (no need to use pin headers where you don’t need them)

Gps requires a cut out in the top hatch so leave plenty of cable

I will get a dump of my untested inav config later on this evening


And what it looks like when it’s done


Well it looks like this is going skywards on Sunday afternoon

Things to do before then…

Rebind to a transmitter with more switches…
Assign audio prompts to the switches so I know what they actually do.

Throw it in the sky and hope for the best


And… How did it go? :confused:


Not well. I think my inav launch settings are totally wrong. Back to the cli for me!