Winter is Here Pentland Edinburgh

the only video i could manage today at the pentlands Edinburgh


Mate… you know what’s coming, right? :rofl:

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Am coming up for 60 lol and this is the only site when I put a youtube link up it doesn’t come up with a preview. I know you’ve told me how to do it but can never find the link .so I just post it as I’ve always done i dont do it out of spite honest


This won’t help.

But you then posted a link in this format:


All you need to paste is the YouTube (or Vimeo) URL, just this bit …

… all on it’s own line, no spaces or characters before or after.

In the original post you included the URL in a line of text.

I can’t still cant see what I am doing wrong lol

No the full stop was from the last sentence you see i am going this on my mobile can’t see it properly my near sight us shoite

The full stop was at the beginning of the line with the incorrect (link) format afterwards.

If honest its like being back at school

Then I have enormous sympathy for school teachers. :rofl:

Right stop ut right now I am not at school and you are not school teacher .if only everyone was perfect well sorry I am not if you want me to leave just say

Great video… does the cold affect the drone or battery performance??

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It can do. As cold as it looked it wasn’t that bad as there was no wind.but I do when it cold is keep the battery i am going to use in my pocket to keep warm. Dji drones can fly on lol temps as long as you keep the battery warm before flight
One flying the drone temp will rise
But flying time will shorten .as will the mini ipad as the cold affect that battery too .there are condition where you must keep an eye on the batterys of both.

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Brilliant and the music complimented it perfectly.


Thank you

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Very nice. Just beautiful! I’ve just started. Only been airborne a few times so this looks great to me. Like the music too.

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Really nice work pall , we have lots of snow at the moment in Wales but just can’t get out to it , with lockdown am gutted :disappointed:

Not even for exercise?

Your doing a cracking job mate never worry about the critics, unfortunately they have to walk amongst us :wink:


Yes we can , but not spending the day out with camera gear and flying drones . The police a full with lockdown and that’s the way it should be . Would not feel comfortable myself doing. It , so will wait till it eases.

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I was within my exercise area
Thats why I went out