Wish I had a drone

…with me yesterday, I wouldn’t have overdone the picture.

It was a great day visiting the ship.


HMS Belfast… Brings back memories of spending quite few days in conferences on it. A great place actually and free guided tour was always included, sometimes to the areas closed for the public as well.

I was at Gravesend National Sea Training College (MN) from Nov 84 thru Feb 85, and visited every weekend I wasn’t on watch, loved the trip up to London Bridge and spending hours on Belfast

Great picture of the ship by the way, but as I’m a newbie to drone flying and with still a lot of learning and understanding ahead of me, would you need to get permission to fly where the ship is and if so who by?

There is much information contained in this site which will give you answers that you seek

Also this link I hope gives you some information contained in your query.

I hope you are beginning to have fun with this wonderful hobby of ours - all the best.

What is it with London skies - always the same when I visit but not when I lived there :rofl:

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That is a great picture - I like it lots.

IIRC taken from one of the pleasure boats or water buses.

The odd paint job on the ship sent me down a Google rabbit hole …

Cool stuff !

Strangely enough, this afternoon I was reading about the guy who was in part responsible for dazzle patterns on US ships in WW2. He also bonded with Walt Disney over a model locomotive and helped design Disneyland …