Withdrawal symptoms

Hi peeps back again can’t wait for my first flight outside. Since January 20th 2020 I have purchased 4 drones. I have learned to fly became registered operator flyer but not gone outside yet weather (yaada yaada yaada). I’m curious to know if anyone one else has any withdrawal symptoms (lol) or do I need to see my gp.


Hi Barry, @freeebee
I think we all feel the same :smiley: :rofl: :laughing:

I’m curious, what are the four drones you purchased?

Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi I have my training one x drone that caught fire so I replaced it with e 58 from banggood I progressed to an mjx bugs 4w also mavic mini. So I have 3 drones & 1 for a funeral (lol)

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Haven’t flown since New Year’s Day. I have an excuse tho… it’s cold wet and my stuff is all in the process of being built

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I was, that’s why I made the effort before work today to get 15min in.

I flew this morning on a search and rescue looking for a lost dog, very good conditions in Staffordshire, calm dry and very light winds, didn’t find him but trying again in morning

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Had my first fix yesterday for 3 months, gonna have a bigger one tomorrow, hoping to fly “The Welland Viaduct” in Northampton (weather is looking promising !) If not ,will do the Reservoirs at Daventry.
All 4 drones charged to go with, so if the weather is good i should be “Viaducted” out by the afternoon !.
Just need a decent Pub nearby for Lunch and a Pint !.