Woburn Bando Meet Sunday 21/11

Anyone up for a meet at Woburn Sands? Near Milton Keynes on Sunday?

52.006840, -0.641606

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What’s happening in Woburn Sands Karl?

A meetup? If anyone wants to come?

I’m up for that, been wanting to fly a bando for a while now :star_struck:

Get in! Be good to link up again! I can tap in to your feed!
@DeanoG60 @Steviegeek @Jase_MK @DaveJaVu

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Yeah I was saying to @DeanoG60 that we gotta have a meet up again soon :grin:

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What sort of time are you thinking Karl?

Its an hour or so from me, so any time. Bit further for you. Lunchtime ish?

About 2hrs for me but I can get there anytime after around 10am so whatever you guys want to do mate :+1:t2:

Then we’ll see who else want’s to pop in. I’m assuming you are skanking works petrol :laughing:

:astonished: how dare you suggest I might be screwing over the company I work for :smirk: :laughing:

I’ve got a couple of new vrx antennas I want to try out too so that metal structure should give them a good test

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I’d be interested to see it. My videos are full of speckles now. Pretty sure its my dirty mucked up fc and esc, but would be nice to rule out my vrx

Which vtx are you running Karl? I’m on the double board tx5m.1 on 500mW

The tx5s.1. It’s real bad for noise interference I’ve found. In and out. Others disagree, but I go off my personal experience.

I do have a tx5m.1, but it has ‘bandages’ on it (the mmcx has come off so has a soldered antenna on it. On my bench.)
I bought a new tx5s.1 but still had problems, which pointed me back to my beater quad ropey old slaggy cheap whore stack (we all like that!)

Hdzero have really concentrated on the camera with respect to everyones expectations of image quality. But they haven’t a clue on a robust vtx. Hopefully Rush or TBS will step in. Kind of thinking rush will go first :man_shrugging:

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To short notice for me guys. Going to see the sister in law on Sunday sorry guys.

Fuck that off!, Or bring it along. But keep her quiet. Joking

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Ah man that’s a shame mate :confused:

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Hi guys
I won’t be around this weekend.
It’s the annual pre-Christmas trip to London with my ladies so no flying :frowning_face: