Won't go under the bridge


after yesterday with the mavic 2 I thought i would take the air and try to fly under the bridge but it wouldn’t have it tried with all sensors off and on with them off it just kept climbing and with them on it just refused to go forward


Does that mean the the Air had more sense than the pilot Colin! :joy:


This is what was going round in my mind :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


And this was with obstacle avoidance switched off ? :thinking:

It’s behaving exactly as if it was still switched on…

Do you have the “radar” on display in your app - was that showing an obstacle being detected?


That was my thoughts too. You’re not in APAS or anything like that are you?


I turned them all off and it started rising by itself so i turned vision positioning off,and it didnt like that at all over the water,ok at about five feet but any lower and it behaved really strange , like flying atti mode in the dark


Going to try again today think i might line it up further back put it in sports mode and fly it through quick and panic the other side because of the trees and branches
Looks like i might use a refresh up lol


That might be me edging up to it and making sure it wasnt going to rise like the other times I didnt film . def no avoidance on no radar no bleeps


Ok my two peneth that’s a bloody low bridge refresh or no refresh sphincter muscle moment…
As they say on dragons den I’m out


I agree with Jeff, but, if you do choose to fly under a bridge, then fly under one that is worth the risk.:face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Well i have one in mind that bridge i am at is to see and practice what will happen


And I dont like things getting the better of me


As Eddie Waring would say “Get The Up N Under”!
or in your case the Down and under !


They’re pretty sensitive to magnets and metal, I notice the metal bars on bridge! Think it upset the GPS?


Check your DJI flight log ?