Woop Woop allowed out for half an hour

I’ve been allowed out for ½ hour to have my bloods done. Managed to pull out of the end of the road without a 5 minute wait. Hardly any traffic on the road. Straight in and out.
Wow things have changed loads since the 17th March.


Wow… camera lens or you have massive bloody arms …


Glad you enjoyed your trip out. Bit of fresh air!! Can’t beat it.

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No I dusted off the insta360 Go.
Fastened it onto my t shirt, it’s got a magnetic attachment thingy that goes around your neck.

Yeah loads of fresh air even though I was in the car with the aircon turned on as it was soo warm. Call me sad, but I was so excited to go out. :rofl:


Love the way you can drive in for a blood test like a McDonald’s drive through.

So efficient its genius.


Not sure I’d agree when it’s pissing down and blowing a hooley !!!

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Hi Callum,
Yeah I would say it was quicker than a MaccyDee’s. :joy:
Apparently it’s been open since 27th of April.
It’s at the Keepmoat Stadium in Doncaster.

Yeah your right, it’s okay on a sunny day. Not sure I would like to attend if the weather was bad. But on that note, I was asked to attend then given anytime over a one week period so I could choose the day and time.

Very professional I must say. I was asked a questionnaire at the end to see if I thought it was useful. Very useful and so much easier. No need to park never came into contact with anyone apart from from the phlebotomist. The next one is easier as it’s a video appointment on Monday with my oncologist. :+1:.

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Good idea I can’t get my wife out for love or money to get her bloods done she won’t risk it

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