Would love to know more about this

I would love to know more about this story, like what drone? Where did they launch and recover? etc. Stunning shot.


She has more balls than I do! :sweat_smile:

An actor, of course. She’s a professional sky diver. Probably got a good head for heights!
Do you think they launched the drone from the ground? BVLOS! 828 metres up.

I have an idea I know who flew it (his Emirates post, a few of days ago, on his Instagram stories is no longer viewable) … and, if so, it was done with an FPV drone.

I’m bloody certain that any rules can be easily modified at the behest of Emirates.


If they launched from the sky deck (148th floor) its still the best part of 300m to the top (scary as shit too, I’ve been up it a few times)



Are they just two blank boards she’s swapping about with the text added in post?

Answering my own question: Yes - the top right corner of one is bent.


The text is far sharper than anything else, too. :stuck_out_tongue:


Cut! Take 2. The board was upside down.

Still VERY impressive though!


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That’s insane.
But yeah I’d have jumped at if I’d had the chance.
What an amazing experience.

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WTF is that all about? Man that’s insane!
She has bigger balls than me and i’m a bloke!

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Just watching the ‘making of’ video gave me the heebee-jeebees. :face_vomiting:

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I think I would just about do it for what she probably got paid. I guess you could pretty much name your price!

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It was done by Choppershoot, the largest aerial film company in the Emirates with main office in Dubai: The camera was the Blackmagic Micro Cinema 4K attached to the underside of a DJI FPV. The FPV acceleration was able to get that non linear reverse zoom and altitude climb you see on the film. Choppershoot are hand in glove with the defense and aviation authorities in the region so flying BVLOS and hanging things from drones is an easy fix for them. Maybe we should just all move to Dubai . LOL. The BM camera has total wireless control of lens iris aperture, shutter speed etc and can shoot C-DNG, Prores and RAW with 13 stops of dynamic range and 60 FPS. It’s a pro film camera that fits in the palm of your hand and I believe is retail £750 in the UK. We use a one of the larger Netflix approved 4.6k BM cameras with parfocal cine lenses in our film business so can testify to the pro quality.

Sister is out there, only place I’ve been and left the drone in the bag.

They are a tad keen, and the prisons are not that nice appaerntly.

Great place though