Would you buy second hand ND filters?

I’ve been keeping a regular eye on eBay and every now and then a set of second hand ND filters appear.

What’d ya think?

Safe to buy second hand? Or should I stop being a skinflint and stump up some cash for new ones?

No reason I can see, as long as they are in good condition and are scratch-free, I’m looking into getting a set of Polar Pro NDs, they seem to be getting the best reviews online.

Yeah that’s the bit I was worried about, the condition of them.

I look after everything I buy with my life, I keep my stuff in mint condition (my eBay seller feedback proves this lol) but I’m not sure other people are as OCD as I am about it :slight_smile:

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I come from a photography background and have in the past bought used and cheap filters, used is hit and miss some are in great condition some are bin fodder, my only advice is buying cheap ones usually means buying twice

I couldn’t quite push myself to buy the Polar Pros, especially after spending a small fortune already, so I went for a set of Taco-RC’s which have got a good write-up also.

The set I got included:

UV plain filter

Think I paid around £50 for the set

I also purchased a separate no-name CPL filter for about £15 - Yet to test it, but the Taco filters fit well and the results are decent too in what little video I have done so far.

Just pay £30 for the DJI ones, there good enough for the job.
However second hand… as others have said, as long as they are not scratched and the clips (if they have any) are in tact then go for it :slight_smile:

DJI ones look really fiddly to fit. Is this your experience?

There not bad actually. I think the clips wont last time if your not gentle with them though!

Yeah they’re currently in my watch list on Amazon. The Polar Pros look great, but at +£80 quid, I’m not sure I’m enough of a pro to benefit from what they may have over the Tacos.

Forgot to ask, does the gimbal calibrate ok if you power up with a taco filter already fitted?

I just bought some for 20 quid or so. Perhaps if you aren’t doing a lot of post it’s worth buying expensive ones but the Polars strike me as being a bit too pricey. All you are trying to do is limit the light hitting the sensor and as long as you can get your exposure somewhere close to right then you should be able to get a good result in post.

The ones I bought have never fallen off and the gimbal can calibrate. I’d like to see someone with the technical know how do an evaluation of expensive filters and cheap ones to see what the difference is - a bit like they do with camera lenses.

Never had a problem with the Taco-RCs and gimbal calibration.

You do have to make sure you push the filter on fully so that it does not catch on the mount, so be careful when applying pressure.

I always put them on with the Gimbal lock in place.

I am happy with the results I get from the Taco filters.

It all boils down to the quality of the glass, as with any lenses or filters that are applied.

I was going to go with the Polar Pro Cinema Vivid range but as I was about to click buy, I changed my mind and went with the DJI ones at half the price.

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Hi all I have got the DJI filters and they are good, may be a bit of a faf at times to fit but with the gimble lock on I seem to have got on with them… overall 8/10

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I’m pleased with the DJI ones, not as flimsy as I was expecting after hearing what people were saying