WOW! Ed Rickers new vid

Just seen Ed Rickers new vid on YouTube of a racing drone chasing a r/c wing :hushed:


Wow! That is awesome, great control :sunglasses:

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Did they touch at 1:53 ish in the video? Looked like a little mid-air bump :slight_smile: . Great video!


Just watched this on the big screen. :+1:

Looks like it.

Also, another rc plane gets close @ 3:00.

Some of the fast’n’low around 2:00 is rather brilliant, too.

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That is pretty epic! Wow

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Watching that makes me realise that I have only just begun to learn how to crawl :disappointed:

Ed Ricker (the drone pilot) only started flying drones 2 years ago and his first one was a Mavic Pro.