Wrong last name on my DJI order, cannot be changed!

Hello everyone,

So a bit of a strange one, i just realised that my recently ordered Mavic Air 2 had my first name and my wife’s last name on the order / invoices. I noticed because i was going over the DJI Care Refresh agreement. I think this happened because it was paid for by my wife’s Paypal account so it must have transported some info even though it was my account. So now we end up with documentation with my first name and her last name!

I tried to contact DJI to correct it, to cut a very long story short they said they couldn’t. I asked them if it would affect me using the care refresh or unlocking Geo zones (verification) they said it wouldn’t but as i am not sure i thought i would ask here.

Sorry for the long intro !

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I think the real question is why your Mrs has not taken your last name… get a grip man! :rofl:

I think you’ll be ok. They haven’t said they wouldn’t honour your agreement with them, so it should be fine.

Haha you know it was on my mind until i realised she paid for the drone so i thought well, may be i got the better deal here haha

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Change your name by deed-poll? :wink:

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Probably easier than dealing with DJI support !

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