WW1 Submarine


Lovely weather Sunday before last. Took the Mavic Air to Isle of Grain to see the WW1 submarine.


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Great pics mate really good,
I am going to visit there now any tips



Best is to park near the Amazon warehouse, near the green boxwes on the pavement. There is a footpath which leads round the side of the warehouse. Go down there until you are right behind the warehouse.
Fly out towards the big crane on the other side about 2000 feet and keep looking down. It I s quite hard to spot but you should see it.




Perhaps a litchi ?


Looks very interesting 4km down the river


Ink to it on Google maps. Fly straight out from behind the Amazon warehouse.




Screen shot attached.


That a great shot,love it.



We went 3 weeks ago. Got some great pics of fog lol.


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