Xiaomi Redme Note 5 Dual Sim, Unlocked, absolutely mint condition

This phone was only purchased to use with my Mavic Pro and then my Mavic 2 Pro and is now not needed as sadly, I’ve had to sell both due to lack of time.

This phone works absolutely brilliantly with the DJI software and never missed a beat or froze in all the time that I used it. I only bought it because of the ability to hack and build custom apk’s on Android

Super fast octacore chipset, amazing 6" screen (super bright), SD card slot, crazy good battery life etc.
It also fits in the controller’s arms without any modification.
I’d keep it as a backup but the rest of my stuff is iOS…
£100 inc case, lead PSU.
Cant remember how to add pics to a listing…

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Drag and drop in to this window, or click the upload icon @Homer

Sorry you’ve sold up mate :confused:

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Thanks Ping. I like to think of it as a temporary thing. Work pressure is mad at the moment and I cant focus on anything else, as much as I’d like to! I’d still like to drop by and see what all the guys are upto though, if thats ok!