Xmas drone

A friend is looking to buy their 11 year old a drone with a camera for xmas with a budget of around £50. Only stipulation they asked me is for it to be not to complicated…

Any advice?

Update. they said they would pics and video.
Thank you

What about this? I’ve no personal experience of it but the reviews suggest it’s pretty good!

SNAPTAIN A10 Foldable Mini Drone with 720P HD Camera, WiFi FPV RC Quadcopter, Voice/Gesture Control, Trajectory Flight, Circle Fly, High-Speed Rotation, 3D Flips, G-Sensor, Headless Mode

If they’re prepared to spend a little extra I would recommend the Tello. They do sometimes pop up on eBay at sensible prices, I acquired a new Tello Edu for £50 a while back.

The reason behind my madness is because the Tello is quite a sophisticated (not complicated) little drone. You can connect it to the house WiFi and program it from a PC or smart device. Third party software such as Tello FPV which provides some of the functions found on the bigger models such as RTH and in goggle FPV, and TelloMe which provides follow me functions and object tracking.

It’s also built like a tank and so will last past Boxing Day and well into the New Year.



thank you for the reply