Yes,i did get that extra battery from Hobbymounts!

While in Cornwall,took a visit to Hobbymounts,what a fantastic place,Paul has everything,and can deliver anywhere really quick.cant recommend them enough,also took the opportunity to say hello on behalf of G.A.D.C Cant remember who it was who said it,but yes i got that extra battery !!:+1::+1::wink:


Bought my XR from Hobbymounts - super helpful and polite when I rang to get some advice :+1:
Wish they were nearer to me - Iā€™d hang out there like I did in Bits nā€™ Bytes in the eighties in Liverpool Central , Iā€™m so old.

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Hiya DTH,it almost cost me a lot more than a battery,they had the phantom 4 pro v2 with occusyc 2,and i very nearly bought it Talk about temptation,i was like a kid in a toyshop!!:rofl::rofl:

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