Yesterday I designed and 3D printed this

While stuck in the house yesterday I decided to have a play with Fusion 360.
I made this design for the Inspires Polar Pro ND filters.

These are screen captures from Fusion.


Insert, I could have made this as one with the base but I wanted a different colour and to put some faux suede cloth between them as to not scratch the filters.

And the finished item, printed in a wood mix PLA with a white insert.


Nice one Rich looks great :+1:

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Thank you Jeff, yes, I’m pleased with the end result.

Looks great! Does the wood feel like MDF? :thinking:

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Thank you Rich, it just feels like plastic, it smells like MDF/wood while cooking though :grin:

Ok I I’ll havee to get some wood Pla the wife wants me to make a Groot for her…
She’s coming round to the printer and I now have space in the office (she says I have to move some of my crap I don’t have crap I have toys that don’t get used often enough) she has lots of shoes…

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Is fusion360 easy to learn? Looks good. Been on tinkercad for 2 years.

Brilliant job Rich :+1:

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I’ve not used anything for a few years, only used Sketchup previously and that wasn’t that much at all.
Not sure how it would compare to Tinkercad but I’ve heard that is good as well.
Once you get your head around how it works it’s not too bad, if you are used to CAD then you will know what most things do, I don’t so I’m learning as I go.
I have been told of a bloke on YouTube, I think if you search “Learn Fusion Or Die Trying” you should find him, I tried watching him but got bored :grinning:

Thank you Paul.

Must have taken hours to design and print that box :grinning:


Yes it did, but it was enjoyable and good to see the final result.


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