Ynys Llanddwyn & Newborough Beach, Anglesea (4K)

Who needs the Carribean? OK, the water might be warmer but it surely cannot be more beautiful. The sun was shining down on us and the water was gently lapping on the sandy beach in front of some wonderful woodland, full of red squirrels (although I never got to see one lol).

I hope you enjoy my take on it.


Another fantastic job. I really enjoy your videos @Mavic2Pro I have to say if it came to a swim it would be the Caribbean every time :grin: but for beautiful scenery it a winner for sure :+1:t2:

Lovely video, just need to try anti-clockwise as well as clockwise sometimes :joy:

Shame you missed the red squirrels, they can be much more shy than the grey ones that get everywhere, but worth seeing …

Another great video :+1:t2:



Stunning! What software do you use to include the title throughout, looks really professional most of the ones I have used look a like office clip art :joy:

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Fabulous video @Mavic2Pro I always seem to get the wind when I go to Anglesey errr not personally lol great job :+1:


Thanks you for the comments. I use Da Vinci Resolve for the editing.

Lol. Again, thank you for looking. I was really lucky. The whole week was beautiful weather with pretty low winds throughout.

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