You and your bird

Just for fun, any one have any pictures of their flying machines and themselves.

This is me last year doing a bit of urbex with the P3A ‘Dave’

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Me taken at a Fun day, in a quite corner of the field !! Mavic Aloft, Phantom 4 on table

Taken on another persons Phone !!

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Cracking idea for a thread @milkmanchris :+1:

Saw the thread title and thought you were asking us to post pics of our significant others :rofl:

But how have you and @chrisjohnbaker got photos of you AND your drone though?!

This is the best I can do, a photo of me, taken with my drone :blush:

And a photo of my drone, taken by me :rofl:

here’s the Guy taking a selfy of Me and the Drones


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Brilliant :smiley:

Is he a member of GADC too??

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Not at the moment, but, i’ll work on him ,when he gets his drone !!

Who Parked that UFO over there ???

Bombs Away !!!

(I should add, this a completely untouched photo, funny how the guy just happened to walk into the picture ,just at the right moment !! )


I’m waiting for the thread “You and someone else’s bird” … but perhaps I should look in other forums for that one? :wink:

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Naughty Naughty !!

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