You can now roll the Mavic firmware back from newer versions

Well, in a day or two anyway :wink:

Pinging @Ashmav and anyone else who had updated their Mavics to the latest firmware :+1:


Being a new Mavic owner I’m not familiar with previous versions, whats the benefit of rolling it back to an older FW version.

Some people experience problems with certain revisions of the updates, so ,it is always good to be able to turn it back, so to speak.
Some of the other revs have had many problems over the months to the point where people have been frightened to fly them until the next update corrects it !!

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Pretty much exactly that ^

Some people update to the lastest release the moment it becomes available.

Some tend to wait a while too see what new issues or ‘features’ (or bugs!) may be in the latest release (don’t forget, DJI sometimes remove features too!)

Some people never update. They’ll find a firmware version that works well for them and apply the “If it ain’t broke…” logic.


Good news. Thanks for the heads up :+1:


Is there a chart of exactly which features are added/removed at each version update?

Here ya go :+1:

Mavic_Pro_Release_Notes_en.pdf (171.6 KB)

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Now I’m on 700 I’m sticking with it. No more firmware updates for my Mavic. Why mess when it ain’t broken that’s what I say.

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