You guys are lucky

I re-printed a mag / gps holder. Then recalibrated the mag. Only it was in the field. On concrete. With big thick cables sticking out the ground. Obviously the calibration was a ‘little off’. Had a minor fly away. Switched to manual and got it back.
I guess when your dji’s say ‘interference’, its being nice to you.


Yep…always take note of what it’s trying to tell you. And don’t take off from concrete because it has reinforcing bars in it. This is what gives mag interference as well.
The result is that when you take off, the compass will realign itself, but having thought it was pointing one way, then finding itself pointing another, it can get a bit messed up.


So right!

Alway careful where I take off, have experience the same when I first learned to fly.

So, so right Brian. There was a flight last summer where I took off from concrete for the first time without thinking about it. Frightened the life out of me when the MP decided to drop into ATTI mode, as it was overhead a wide river by then and too far away to see its orientation.
But hey, I didn’t panic (much) and got it back. Phew.

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