Your assistance, please

Hi, members! Your assistance/cooperation is requested/needed, please!

Nothing onerous - but, following the Gatwick debacle, there’s always a chance that people we’d rather not have as fellow members could join the forum.

Obviously there’s nothing we can do to detect such people, let alone stop them from joining - but what was obvious was the dramatic increase in the level of traffic that this forum experience at that time:


You may, or may not, know that there are 4 status levels - 0 = Newbie, 1 = Basic Member, 2 = Full Member, 3 = Advanced Member.
Also, you may, or may not, know that the forum software has several criteria and triggers for automatically bumping users up through those levels that basically revolve around their level of posting and interaction with others, etc.

(… never forgetting, of course, that anyone who joins after being invited by an existing member, by using the Invite menu option, is automatically moved to level 1. :+1:)

In recent months it has not been uncommon for the committee to accelerate this process - mainly on the basis of “they seem like a nice chap/chapess, seem to be interacting, seem genuine, etc!”. But, since Gatwick, we’ve pretty much abandoned doing this.

From now on, unless there is some significant reason, we shall be leaving it to the automated function in the forum software to raise a user’s status to member - needed to access the several member only category : #members-only.

Theoretically, anyone that is just curious won’t spend the time needed to move up through those levels … which is a good thing.

Now - this is where we ask for your assistance - and this is by not directing newcomers to information that’s within the member only areas.

So …

Please check (by clicking on the poster’s avatar) that anyone you direct to those locations is already at “member” status.

Many thanks!


Thanks for that Dave
Am I classed as an irregular user?
I have a habit of forgetting to turn of my vpn and check where I have logged on from sometimes it the Netherlands or USA
And most of the time from my isp shows Rochdale which isn’t close to me at all


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Did you see what I mean about logging on from Rochdale though?