Your Hobby Needs You!


Here is a link to an email I received just a few minutes ago from FPV UK, on the subject of Drone Legislation and what the Government Consultations are.
YOU need to read the documentation that they have provided links to, and respond by 17th September 2018.
I believe that this is in ALL our interests !.
It gives YOU the opportunity to tell the Government what YOU think of the proposals.
I strongly recommend that you read, and fill in the form.
It is for ALL our benefits !.
The proposals include such things as:
On the spot £300 fines for the police to implement.

Come on Guys ,you only have 5 days to reply !.
There is advice from FPV UK, on how to fill in the form.


Id advise people to read all the questions and answer them with their own thoughts on the matter.

Not really happy with how FPVUK answered most of the ones related to drones.

Seem to be more interested in model aircraft.


I agree @callum with your sentiment,
It gives us all a chance to fill in what we “personally” think on the subject.


I think we as a group need some sort of club response too
@callum @PingSpike @Londroner


I’ll second that !!


Simon Dale put this video out last month too:


Done mine !!
and its MY opinion !.
Bit of a trawl Guys!, but, we need to stand up and be counted !


I will be getting this completed for sure, i wonder if the responses will be looked at properly!


Well I’m a hour into filling it out and on 38…


keep plugging at it ! Jeff


The last Consultation Paper in November 2017 ,turned out to be the new Laws that we had only on July 28th !.
So, it is important that we each fill it in !
No good moaning about new legislation next year, (which is almost a certainty !)
Let me not be the one who said “I told you so” in a years time !


we can only hope so Alex


as said in the Video !
Only 700 people responded out of 10s of 1,000s !!!


Be warned, it takes a while to do it, so make a big pot of tea before you start!

Or a couple of bottles of gin…


Don’t watch too much stuff, but sometimes this blokes bang on, and he says in this airlines etc are getting all their staff to fill it in to their benefit not ours.


Well,that’s my Saturday morning taken care of,form filling head to the ready,i,m in!:+1::+1:


Make sure you do it and don’t give up they throw more questions even if your a don’t know

Took me two hours my worry from the questions is the police powers and security guards being able to zap your drone out of the sky at there own whim Not looking good for us


I agree Jeff, that drone detector bit, is a worry, and begs the answer I put:
“Who will pay for the damage that a downed drone does!”
I advise everybody ,not to be phased by the questions they may seem very scary in part.
Just answer each question, if you don’t have an answer for it, sit and read the question again ,and again !, until you understand it’s implication.
For us to get this right is important to everyone who flies a drone!


This legislation that this government is trying to bring in is too make a hobby a business and less of a hobby. They are trying to make money out of drone use an make it very difficult to the point of stopping people having a hobby. If they bring this legislation to us alone and not model plane flyers then this would be a unfair act. Also with the rules that they wish to apply they would also have to bring in for people flying Chines lanterns and flying balloons filled with helium as these fly as high as an aircraft. Fair enough bring some of the rules in if you live near a airport - understandable. But reading the questions that they have written they have made there minds up to what they are doing. They can not ban the use but make so difficult forcing the owner to stop using them - this is what it boils down too. We need to talk and get in touch with the model aircraft clubs and join together because bring this in to us could also bring them under the same rules and regulations , so forcing them from using their hobby.
from John


i filled it in
it does take a time but its important we all respond.
Obviously some legislation is needed for this hobby of ours as these are dangerous pieces of equipment if used incorrectly but my responses were all about applying common sense.

eg should under 18s be banned, i think not, I want to fly with my son. i trust him to fly it safely on his own and he will def fly safely with a responsible adult.

do we need a flight plan, should we be fined for not submitting one etc, questions made to make money.

they refer to treating it like a motoring offence, you got seven days to produce your docs at a police station etc.