Your Hobby Needs You!


Yeah I kinda got that impression too :confused:


I agree Guys!, and I bet not one of the people who wrote the questions know the first thing about flying a drone !.
Or has never even seen one close at hand !.
I can also see that if it does make our Hobby “Take a turn for the worse” ,it may have the opposite affect and increase the “illegal flying fraternity” even more !.
I sincerely hope I am proved wrong !


Ever the way! First rule of politics, only allow people to give the answer the question with the response you want…


They don’t care… they wrote the questions in a way that will get the answers to appease those complaining. Interesting that the shining of laser lights at pilots when they are taking off or landing at airports is considered far more dangerous than drones by all concerned. But that’s too difficult to deal with, whilst targetting a few hobby drone pilots is much more easier!!!


As a new flyer please could some give ma brief set of point that need to be got across. Then I Coul make a reasonable response from our point of view.

By the way @pingspike my experience would lead me to suggest that you or one of the mods could offer themselves as a representative of a hobby drone club. With all the members here it is a good representation of varied views.




Hope the admin team or one of them have filled it in on the forums behalf we only have three more days
Any chance of a forum wide email asking members to fill in the form but warn it could take an hour or two to do properly


I filled the form in and agree with the comments I think these are draconian measures that will impact on hobbyists and commercial drone flyers. Its all about making money from drone owners. Its ridiculous to suggest the hobby is to be treated as a motoring offence with 7 days to produce paperwork and on the spot fines.

I was honest when I said in my response if you go ahead with these measures and make it too prohibitive then people will stop buying drones. i don’t agree with stopping under 18’s flying a drone with a responsible adult, how else will they learn about safe use?

I’m glad I filled out the form but my biggest fear is that it has been hijacked by airlines staff and not in a good way. The questions in the survey were very repetitive and steered people into making choices which will have a negative impact ob drone flyers. I fear the worst that the UK will be a no go area for flying and the only way to fly my drone will be in countries which are more user friendly.

Well done to everyone who managed to complete the form but I fear this government will use their power to create a level of bureaucracy and form filling which will kill the drone industry here for hobbyists


That Sir Jeff!, is a very good idea !.
I wonder how many members have taken the time to fill it in, yes !, it’s a trawl !.
But, a very important one, that could, NO WILL !, affect all of us !.
Come on you silent members, get your Pot of Tea going and spend worthwhile time in doing it.
I agree with @robmacom draconian is putting it mildly !.
I would buy a MP2, but not at the expense of not being able to fly it freely, where I want, when I want, (within reason)
And I repeat, I can see ALL of us having to be PfCO qualified within 12 to 18 months, just to please the morons in the marble tower !


No Jeff, we haven’t.

This is because we’ve not surveyed the GADC members in order to form a combined response that the majority will agree with. As you’ve seen in this thread already, there are very differing views.

We have however all completed it individually. And even the committee has differing views :blush:

We’re not allowed these days Jeff, GDPR and all that.

We’ll change the banner text / link at the top of all pages later this morning to point to this thread :+1:


Thanks Rich

So there is no way of contacting them so that can be made aware ?
Say to accept that the forum can send out forum wide update emails?
You must have all members emails for validation ?

Just asking Honest


I can see the requirement for our Club to be represented as a whole.
But, then, thinking about it, having many, many, people filling in the forms, is better than one collective form from our Club.
Does that make sense?


Rich is attempting to have a holiday this week - popping in infrequently.
I expect he’ll follow up on this once he’s back at home.


Dear Committee Members,
I think this legislation details that the Government has put forward should be put out into the public by the club so as the other people out there who own Drones knows what is happening and this should be done through national press with a write up from one of the committee members stating as a club what we think about the legislation. Now is the time to take action, not only to answer the questionnaire that the Government has put out but how we as responsible flyers think and have our say. We need support both from the national press and from a MP or 2 who can speak on our behalf in Parliament. We also need to contact model plane enthusiasts as they will also be attacked by this Government after us. The other thing that needs done is to get a petition going as we only have 12 months to get things sorted or we will loose our HOBBY. Remember that they are planning to ban flying in Parks - this will include the Lake District and the Peaks National Park as they are defined as Parks - do you want to be dictated too??? Time to stand up and say enough is enough!!! Yes register drones and perhaps licence the use of them; but what is written in the Government proposals goes too far too the point that it will be to difficult and complicated for you to fly - other wards governments back door in banning them!!!

kind regards



Me again,
Just to remind you all in what this Government is doing to other people who have different hobbies to us and what is happening to them by this Government:- for example:-

4x4 clubs such as the green lane association who have strict rules governing their club. Their by ways - which are proper roads that any vehicle can drive down are being closed one by one due to some many complaints. Why is this government closing official roads that are being used by vehicles - they do not want you to enjoy yourselves- they stated that the bye ways are being ruined by 4x4’s but they never state that responsible clubs go out there and repair, clean and maintain this roads in their own time and expense - the same is now happening with us - small incidents ( which should not be happening) are ruining it for us all.

TIME NOW TO STAND OUR GROUND AND HAVE OUR SAY. Remember everyone The Government works for us and not themselves!!! Stand up and be counted!!!

kind regards



well said John
It’s always who shouts the loudest
Sorry I mean who has the most money to sway a view


IF this BS goes through, then next year at this time we will all be mounting our drones to the wall in a display case.
Going to the Pub, and talking of the …“I remember the time when we flew …”





So?, how many have bothered?
Well Done, if you have !.
Get yer finger out, if you haven’t !!
Must be done by 17th (Monday) !


All done


Done mine. I think the document shows why we need to reply. A horrible document. As others have said, fill it in or forget drone flying and look forward to fees, testing and having your drone zapped out of the sky when some idiot loses the effector kit.