Your Hobby Needs You!






I have already done so, and downloaded a PDF of all my answers (you are given that option at the end).

The main objection I voiced most strongly is any requirement to register a flight ahead of time - even by just a few minutes. Having to do this would eliminate all chance of flying to grab a beautiful sunset or the yellow slanting light at dusk. It would remove all the spontaneity from the recreational use of drones.

Completing this survey fully is a non-trivial task if you are going to make your points clearly. Set aside an hour.



I said exactly the same thing :+1:

Last day today - if you’re bored and have an hour spare, you know what to do :wink:


Well, i must be extra bored, or a sadist!, just been through it all again, with my Son.
Not that I was “putting words in his mouth” with direction to his answers!.
Really, I was’nt !!!
If BS had a prize, I must deserve the “Sadists” badge !


Ditto. I’ve flown in places without any data, too, so you can’t register


My god,what a stinker that was,took me nearly 2 hours to complete,and if these proposals all go through,well guess there will be 1 well looked after MP2 for sale!it will be a very sad day,for me,but guess ill just have to roll on to something else:cry::cry:


Well done
Nobody said life’s easy :crazy_face: or filling government forms in


Found this on the forum from a while ago and is so true too
But don’t need to forget we need to let the government get away with things


Wells Guys, what will be ,will be now!.
Many Thanks to everyone who took the painstaking time to fill in the form.
If you didn’t, well. what can I say !.
We shall see now what comes out the Consultation next year (or maybe before that!).
I fear that a lot of changes are going to be implemented,( reading between the lines of the Consultation form ).
I hope that common sense prevails, if not the Government and Other Authorities are going to be responsible for destroying the Drone fraternity within this country, if they haven’t already shot themselves in the foot.
My predictions?

Compulsory Drone training?
legal minimum age?
pre-registered flight plans?

I could go on, and on, and on !.
We’ll see !.
I just hope in 2019 that we will all be here discussing things about droning
as we are now.
Once again ,thanks to everyone who participated.


Well that was a long 2 hours but completed before the deadline!

Let’s hope so Chris :crossed_fingers: