Your thoughts on the Mavic Mini

Thanks @Steviegeek

Love mine, totally!! Only time I’m leaving it at home is when it need charging (only 1 battery).
Since I’m new to this, my videos are C-mode and deaf slow. But I’m just gonna keep practising!!!
(Just put one of this morning into “videos by drone”)

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This is great! I saw a YouTube vid a couple of days ago about the Mini manoeuvring through small spaces and I’m hoping to do some myself (once I get some flight confidence).

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When you have all that confidence PLEASE send me some of it? :wink::wink:


Android 1.0.3 released Nov 27.

I was going to update the Fly/GO5 thread yesterday, but couldn’t see that version on the Android store :man_shrugging:

Same link …

It didn’t say this yesterday when I looked :rofl:

I keep getting more impressed by this thing every time I fly it. Even around this radio tower, the signal never dropped out at 1500ft distance.


Really love it, BUT, does anyone know how to knock off that annoying beeper when you use the RTH button? Testing the range tomorrow and that beeping is doing my head in!! Any ideas?

Yes. Don’t use RTH and fly back manually :wink:

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The MP and M2P just need you to tap the power button on the RC

Would love to mate, but, I can’t see (even with specs on) either the wee arrow, nor the screen on bright days. Over 2 weeks now I’ve been unable to see how many satellites I’m acquiring for all my flights so far. So, it’s a case of NEEDS MUST!!!

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Which sadly doesn’t work on the Mini :rofl:

Surely just powering off the RC would trigger RTH, and with the power off… no beeping… right??
Wish I’d tested that yesterday

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IMPORTANT: Safety concern regarding the Mavic Mini on iOS.

Due to an unfortunate incident where a flyer had his Mini crash into a tree canopy from below on loss of signal in woods, we’ve realised that the iOS version of the DJI FLY app does NOT have a RTH behaviour option to LAND or HOVER, unlike the Android version of the FLY app.
On learning this, I have contacted DJI Support tonight raising my concerns about the safety of the Mavic Mini when operated with the iOS app which is lacking this important function.

I can confirm that DJI Support are now passing this information onto the developers to get this added to the iOS version of the app in a forthcoming update.

In the meantime, I would recommend that all Mavic Mini flyers running the DJI FLY app on iOS, only operate their aircraft in open areas.

Andy Cortez


How did they not notice the options weren’t present? What did they think would happen? :man_shrugging:

This is all in the manual…

Failsafe RTH automatically activates after the remote controller signal is lost for more than 11 seconds.

User error.

Yes, there’s that obviously, but it highlighted the fact that the Android app has the option to hover but the iOS version doesn’t. Gladly, they’re on it now to get it included for iOS.

and sorry @PingSpike for the link you had to edit, just copied it over from a facebook post and the formatting appears to have carried over on my name.