YouTube and Mavic 3 videos 5.1k - 4k

Before the last lot of updates for the mavic 3, i made a video at 5.1k edited and uploaded to youtube and it would be seen as a 5k video and designated as one, now when video at 5.1k and up load to youtube its seen as a 4k video and is designated as 4k. I am on a facebook group for mavic 3 and i am not the only one with this problem. I can view 5.1k on my pc and i also have a 8k tv which i can view 5k.
the photo is when i could see and view 5k, and video i have up loaded in 5.1k all are designated as 4k

It looks like 4k is the maximum resolution:

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Ive ask dji about it heard nothing back ,before all the updates it did show 5.1k and i am not the onlyone ,wont hold my breath on dji fixing it

One of dji replies.
Dear John,

Thank you for contacting DJI Technical support.

After checking with the engineer team, it looks like the problem might not due to our DJI product. This is because we do not update the firmware if we want to change the resolution. Since you have mentioned about the video that you edited, it is highly likely that the editor does not support high resolution video output.

Kindly check the original video file resolution and upload it on Youtube without editing. Our engineer team will help to double confirm on the issue. Apart from that, please help to confirm with Youtube technical support too pertaining to this matter.

Thanks for supporting DJI and have a nice day!
DJI Customer Support

They are right in that. The streaming resolution is managed by YouTube. Have you tried to view the video in fullscreen on 5k monitor? I just found out (yeah, I’m not that familair with YT) that the maximum resolution offered depends on the player size. E.g. on my laptop it’s 1080p in default player, 4k if I switch to fullscreen. Also take into account that according to their documentation, 4k is the max resolution (as shown in the links I posted).

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You can view 8k video on youtube too, so 5k isnt a problem for them. I still think its dji fault. They tried blaming it on editing software .but ive uploaded 5k which have been done on edititing software that only does 4k…i think dji has done an update which has changed the video format signature .to which you tube now only see it as 4k.

There must be a way on your computer to request the properties of your video file. You can check the file made by your Mavic 3, and also the file that your video editing software exports.

There are different resolutions around for 5.1k video, but DJI specs say to expect 5120 x 2700 pixels from Mavic 3.

And your TV is amazing, mine is a humble 1080p.

The problem is when I 1st uploaded to YouTube even though the video was done in 5.1k and rendered at 4k , due to 4k being the max ,it still came up as 5k on YouTube. Then it just stopped. So don’t know if YouTube changed it’s set up or power director 365 or Dji, and the reply’s from Dji are a joke,ie asking me to contact Youtube . I said to Dji there is a problem with ref to 5.1k they are asking me to check with them all lol.

I think, if it were rendered by your video app (Power Director 365?) as 4K, that’s what you should be getting in the YouTube playback quality options.

I’m still recommending you pull up the properties of the video file you uploaded. You could also upload a straight from the drone video and see how YouTube presents that to you.

(I’m no expert in this!)

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Perhaps wetransfer a clip and let t’others try ?

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Perhaps post a YT link to the one that acknowledges the 5.1k?


Good idea will up load a video straight from drone .
Will keep you posted

Theres more bare with me . The link i will post does come up as 5k on my pc .but not on my tv which is 8k tv. But any video i upload now only shows as 4k

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From my experiments earlier today, Stats for Nerds—at least in the YouTube app on my phone—tells me the resolution of the stream they’re sending me. So if for example the video were 4K, but my phone would let me select only 1080p60, then Stats for nerds would tell me it’s 1080p.

That said, your Stats for nerds show different from mine. Different app, different info. @jaybee John’s 8k TV maybe has a different app again.

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5462 x 3072



yeah i think it has, i am getting old now cant remember if it was showing 5k on my tv if it was on my youtube app on my tv

i am just uploading a 5k video straight to youtube thats come straight off the sd card

The embedded player here (in Brave Browser) - only 4k.

Opening the link in it’s own window gives the 5k … on Edge and Brave … but only 4k in Chrome.

just for completeness, Stats for nerds on iPhone XS Max

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Not wanting my cheap Android to explode … I’ll just assume it won’t handle 5k. :+1:

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